Sold or Withdrawn on 09/06/14

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176 C041
ENCINO, NM 88321
Estancia, McIntosh, Willard

$89,900 ($43/sqft)
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
2,065 sqft, 160.00 acres, Built in 1998
MLS# 709778 listed 09/21/12. Sold or Withdrawn 09/06/14. Updated 07/17/15.

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How does 176 C041 compare to the averages in Estancia, McIntosh, Willard?
The listing price of $89,900 is 13% below the area average of $103,791.
The per-square-foot price of $43/sqft is 31% below the area average of $62/sqft.
The living area of 2,065 sqft is 25% larger than the area average of 1,655 sqft.
The lot size of 160.00 acres is 3,598% larger than the area average of 4.33 acres.
The house age of 17 years (built 1998) is 26% newer than the area average of 23 years (built in 1992).
Many factors go into market value. Get a professional opinion of this property's value in this area and market.
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Median averages used. Data provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. See area averages or request an area report.

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Date Activity Price Sqft Acres Built Address UPC/MLS ID
2014-05-05 price change $89,900 2,065 160 1998 176 C041 709778
2014-09-06 removed $89,900 2,065 160 1998 176 C041 709778
Data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Listing events may include pendng sale, sold, expired or withdrawn. Please inquire for more information.

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176 C041, ENCINO, NM 88321, Estancia, McIntosh, Willard
Price: $89,900 ($43/sqft) Sq. Feet: 2,065 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Acreage: 160.00 Built: 1998
Listed on: 09/21/12 MLS ID: 709778 Bank Owned: Yes
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